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The Kitten Factory and other Stories

Written, Produced and Animated by Rob Levesque and Henry Budd

The Story

In an attempt to complete their feature length movie, animators, Rob and Henry string together a series of stories and skits in a comedic anthology of cartoon madness.



The Kitten Factory and Other Stories was produced over the course of two and a half years between the winter of 2008 and summer of 2010. It is comprised of over 30 individual segments that make up the whole film. It was entirely animated by Henry Budd and Rob Levesque, who also provided voices for the majority of the characters.

Working as a team, Rob and Henry were able to split the production between each other in order to complete it within a relatively short time frame. While Henry was producing the soundtrack, Rob was casting other voice actors for the cartoon. They did all of the recording in Henry's basement with much of the dialogue being improvised on the spot.

A variety of techniques were used in the production of Kitten Factory so that each part would have it's own unique style. Not wanting an overly digital look, a lot of the scenes were drawn by hand on pen and paper with various textures composited on top. Most of the segments of the film are no more than three minutes long, each with their own individual music. The animators wanted the cartoon to feel like an album with each scene flowing into the next.

The Kitten Factory was completely self financed by Rob and Henry. For the entire two years of making the film, Henry worked part time making custom clarinets. Rob had multiple jobs during production which included working on several commercials and the TV show, Fringe.


In the spring of 2011, The Kitten Factory and Other Stories won the Royal Reel award in the Feature Film Competition at the Canada International Film Festival.


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